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SYNCOR quality seals in comparison

The level of free SO2 is an indication for the shelf life of a wine. It protects against unfavourable changes due to oxygen in the air. This makes it an important factor for the winemaker, the bottler and your retailers.

A long-term comparative study by Dienstleistungszentrum ländlicher Raum (DLR) Mosel showed a clear trend after several years of the study: the injection-moulded SYNCOR quality seal keeps SO2 values relatively constant and near the initial value. This represents a significant advantage over the competition.

Since June 2006, DLR has tested a total of 23 different seals made of natural cork, technical corks, plastic stoppers of various manufacturers, screw caps, crown corks and glass seals. The SO2 retention of the wine is tested, which is responsible for freshness and a lasting taste

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