Twister screw caps


Twister screw stoppers are significantly easier to apply and offer more security than aluminium screw stoppers.
The internal thread means that the Twister stopper simply has to be screwed onto the bottle (standard BVS 30/60 opening) - and that's it.
In Germany, for example, Twister stoppers are almost always processed by machine due to high manual labour costs.
However it is also possible to simply screw on the Twister stoppers by hand.

Below are a number of different options for processing Twisters:

Closure by hand (small volumes):

simply place the stoppers on BVS 30/60 bottle openings, push downwards and turn clockwise until they are hand-tight. The stopper should not be turned all the way to the end stop, since otherwise slightly higher force is needed to open it. The stopper is sitting perfectly if it can be turned a further 1-3 mm after closure. The correct torque can also be checked with a torque tester.

Closure using a battery-powered screwdriver / drill with torque adjuster:

smaller clients often use a battery-powered screwdriver with torque adjuster. A battery-powered screwdriver offers the advantage over manual closure that its operation is more even, and the wrist is put under less strain. We have a torque tester for this with a removable add-on cup. The add-on cup can be secured into the battery-powered screwdriver just like a drill. The torque tester can also be used to check the correct torque.

Closing with a compact stoppering system:

We off our customers a compact stoppering system for processing Twister stoppers. This system requires simply a 230 V power connection. The compact system can be purchased from us or just hired.


Closing with an existing stoppering system:

If a stoppering system is already in place, e.g. for aluminium roll-on stoppers, this can be modified in most cases to process Twister stoppers without major investments. A different screw head is all that is required (see figure) and a few minor modifications. A conversion to Twister stoppers can be performed both for single-headed and multi-headed systems.

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Please ask us, as we have an extensive array of technical expertise in the field of stoppering technology.
We would be happy to check your existing stoppering system on site for the possibility of using Twister stoppers.

Torque tester

The torque tester we have developed is extremely easy to use and ensures reliable testing of whether Twister stoppers have been screwed on with the correct torque. A description of the torque tester can be found in our processing instructions.


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