SYNCOR wine corks

The long-term stopper, tight and sensorially neutral

Syncor Weinkorken 2018 thumbSyncor  wine corks

SYNCOR wine corks are characterised by their unusual leak tightness, attested by numerous research institutes. Our wine corks are produced from premium raw materials in a patented injection moulding process with a closed-pore cell structure. They have an extremely dense outer skin, around one millimetre thick. Special friction and adhesion properties prevent oxygen from diffusing between stopper and bottle neck. The cork fits snugly to the bottle and also remains tight on the top and bottom. The interior structure is relatively coarse and homogeneous, so that a cork screw can be inserted and removed again easily.

SYNCOR quality corks are free from plasticisers and their undesirable sensorial influences. Wines enclosed with SYNCOR retain the flavour and quality of the created bouquet..

  • Characterised by its extremely high gas tightness with sealed outer skin.
  • Sensorially neutral, retaining the bouquet of the wine for years.
  • Conserves the free SO2 content, making it suitable for storage.High resilience, making the stopper easy to handle.
  • Free from migratable phtalates (plasticisers)
  • Easy to work – see SYNCOR Service for more details of this.

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