Corking Mechanism Modification

State-of-the-Art Corking Mechanism with SYNCOR

Syncor offers corking mechanism modifications to customers with older systems who would like to upgrade to the newest generation.

Corking Mechanism with jaws
old Corking Mechanism

New corking mechanisms utilise recent discoveries in research and development. They operate with high precision. Profit from the current state of the art with a corking mechanism modification.

•    Thanks to even pressure distribution and reduced application of force, the service life of your corking plant will be extended.
•    Save money through significantly longer use of the corking mechanism jaws thanks to a special slide coating.
•    Cleaning the plant requires less effort, saving you time.
•    In event of an exchange: New, floating bearing corking mechanism jaws from SYNCOR can be removed quickly without the need for tools.

We would be happy to inform you about the options for optimising your plant and look forward to preparing a non-binding offer for you. Please contact us.

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