Screw Caps - GlasTwister

Glass on glass – simply perfect

thumb Grafik 60x60mm 3c GlasTwister Kurz mit Inlays und Bezeichnung ENG 2018
Screw Cap - GlasTwister 30x24
thumb Grafik 60x60mm 3c GlasTwister Lang mit Inlays und Bezeichnung ENG 2018Screw Cap - GlasTwister 30x60

The standard version of the Twister offers you the utmost in taste neutrality and leak-tightness.
Thanks to a selection of individualised inlays, you can choose the stopper that is optimally suited to your product.

Owing to its high load-bearing resilience, GlasTwister is the perfect solution for effervescent white wine, semi-sparkling wine and sparkling wine, among others.


Printing lends the stoppers an even higher quality appearance, and we are able to customise the printing options from even small volumes.
GlasTwister 30x60 can be personalised with a customer logo using either pad printing or hot embossing printing.
Pad printing also allows the use of two-colour end printing, as well as monochrome jacket printing.
With hot embossing printing, we are also able to offer monochrome jacket printing.


Neutral jacket printing without printing plate costs for Twister screw stoppers 30x60.
In this case, our neutral logo would go here (grape and IN VINO VERITAS), which we could print either with hot embossing printing (glossy) or pad printing (matt) in various colours.

GlasTwister Farbvarianten 2014

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